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 CSUF Faculty Resources at AL$


CSUF Academic Technology

Faculty Software

Below is a listing of software available to all CSUF faculty and staff for installation on personal devices. You can click on the software link and fill out software request form to purchase the software.

Adobe Acrobat Pro


Creative Cloud

Office 2011 For Mac

Office 2013 For Windows

Windows 7

Windows 8


Click following link to check out all the available software and software request form.

Access to is an integrated module with the CSUF Portal. It is place where Faculty can access freely available video tutorials about Adobe connect, Adobe CS6, HTML, PHP, Photoshop and many more.  To access, Faculty need to login into the CSUF Portal and click on the tab.

Click following link to see the steps for training.

Access to

CourseSmart is an integrated application with CSUF Moodle system. CourseSmart lets instructors request FREE exam copies as eTextbooks on over 90% of core higher education titles from leading publishers like Pearson, Cengage, McGraw-Hill Education, Macmillian, John Wiley & Sons, and more. CourseSmart helps instructors and faculty streamline the textbook evaluation to adoption process with digital course materials and other online tools.

Click the following link to see faculty training, login instructions and CourseSmart iPAD application information.

CSUF TitanShops

Adopting Textbooks

Requisitions for course materials/textbooks are submitted by each department through the Textbook Requisition System in the campus portal. This serves as the official campus record. Each department may vary in the faculty’s ability to choose material for their class. Check with your department chair or coordinator for the process of selecting and submitting assigned course material for your classes. Any changes or additions to course materials needed for a class should also be submitted through the department. Course Material information needs to be submitted to the campus by the assigned due dates that are determined in accordance with the requirements of the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008.

Click following link to get more information about Adopting Textbooks.

Textbook Requisition Rewards Program

Titan Shops sponsors the Textbook Requisition Rewards Program that allocates funds to departments and the Associated Students Incorporated, for timely submission of course materials. Introduced in 1999, Titan Shops has issued $931,100 in rewards through the program, with half of those funds allocated for student scholarships.

Click following link to get more information about Textbook Requisition Rewards Program.

Publisher Representatives

Many of the larger publishers have representatives that come to campus regularly and are available to assist faculty with questions regarding their titles and can design custom books. 

Click the following link to get more information about Publisher Representatives.

Desk Copies

Desk/Exam Copies must be requested by faculty through the academic department or directly with the publisher. While you are waiting for your desk copy, you can visit Titan Shops to check out a copy through our consignment program. Books borrowed from Titan Shops do need to be returned in the same condition in which they were checked out.

Click the following link to get more information about Desk copies.


The Pollak Library website provides detailed information on various topics regarding copyright. The Titan Shops course pack program ensures that all course packs have the required copyright permissions. For any course packs produced by other vendors, it is the faculty members responsibility for ensuring that the necessary copyright has been obtained.

Click the following link to get more information about copyright.

Other options for Course Materials

Titan Shops proudly provides CSUF students with a wide variety of options when it comes to course materials. During the past 6 academic years, Titan Shops estimates that students have saved over $20M utilizing their different programs. From traditional used books to rental or digital options, students can find the best low cost option that fits their learning needs. In addition, this is backed-up by a Low Price Guarantee. As a faculty member, there is nothing special you need to do when submitting your requisition for course materials. Titan Shops automatically searches for cost saving options, which include:

Rental: Every semester Titan Shops work with various partners to maximum the number of titles available for rent. For Fall 2013, over 2,000 titles have a rental option. Students can rent books in-store or on-line with easy returns to Titan Shops at the end of the semester. Should a student decide they want to keep the book, they simply pay the different between the purchase price and the rental fee. Rental books allow students to secure up-front savings of 50% or more off of the new retail price.

Used: Titan Shops works with 6 different used book wholesalers to find as many used copies as possible for our students. A large majority of our used books are obtained from students during the end of the semester sell-back period. Timely submission of textbook requisitions is essential to ensuring that students can get the most for their books when they sell them back and so future students can take advantage of savings. Used books save students 25% or more off of new retail prices.

Digital: Titan Shops has partnered with a national distributor for digital books, which automatically identifies titles available digitally and makes them available as an option for students. Digital books sold through Titan Shops work on most platforms, including iPads, and students can highlight, take notes and in most cases print out pages. The specifications for each digital book are included by title on the student’s book list. Digital books can be purchased in the store or on-line and generally save students 20-60% off of new retail prices.

Loose-Leaf: These alternative versions of the bound textbooks are 3-hole punched for use in a binder. They are exact copies of the print version and students can sell them back at the end of the semester. Loose-leaf books generally save students 35% off of new retail prices.

Custom: These books are generally designed in conjunction with the publisher and faculty member/department to enhance the traditional textbook. They can include multiple books and access codes. When selecting to use a custom book, be sure to work with your department’s Titan Shops buyer for a better understanding on how the custom book will be used in the course. Savings with custom books will vary, but they are generally 15% or more off of the new retail price of the traditional textbook.

Course Packs: Titan Shops partners with Montezuma Publishing to provide faculty a course pack solution. From workbooks to out of print titles, Titan Shops will work with faculty to create a course pack that will meet their needs. Course Packs are also available in digital format with a variety of print options. For assistance with course packs, please contact Adrienne Pedroza at x4973 or

Click the following link  to get more information about course packs.  

Price Comparison Tool: Titan Shops offers students the ability to compare prices on course materials directly from their on-line booklist. Simply look up any book on the Titan Shops website or through the student portal and instantly compare prices with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, publisher websites, Rafter, Chegg and more.

Low Price Guarantee: All sales on course materials are backed with the Titan Shops 125% Low Price Guarantee. If students find a book cheaper at a qualifying retailer within 14 days of purchase, Titan Shops will match the competitors price PLUS give another 25% of the difference back in cash instantly. Please find the attachment to get more information about Low Price Guarantee Form.

If you have any questions about Course Materials and the options Titan Shops provides, please contact Claude Damsa, Senior Manager, Course Materials at 657.278.4968 or

CSUF Pollak Library Resources 

The Pollak Library provides extensive services and assistance to both the on-campus and off-campus CSUF community, as well as to visit students and scholars, and to the public. The primary focus of the Library mission is to support academic programs, with a strong secondary goal of fostering lifelong learning.

Course Reserves

Course reserves are supplementary materials such as books in print, DVDs and other physical items provided by faculty or the Library in support of course curricula. These materials are separated from the general collection and have restricted terms of use.

Instructor may submit reserve requests via our online Course Reserves Request Form link. Requests may include items from the Library’s collections, personal copies to be provided, or recommendation for purchase. For the convenience of your students, please add the Course Reserves block to your TITANium course(s).

Electronic materials such as articles, e-books, audiovisual clips, etc. can be uploaded or linked directly to TITANium. The Faculty Development Center provides instruction on using TITANiam’s features, and the Academic Technology Center can provide hands-on assistance.

Click following link to  for more information about course reserves.

Research Assistance

Reference Librarians are available to help patrons with their questions and research, to recommend appropriate print and electronic resources, and to provide instruction on possible strategies and techniques.

Moreover, we provide online/virtual Reference Services too. Following are the details about it.

->   Instant Messgae (IM) a CSUF Librarian   (during Reference Desk hours only)

- >   24/7 Chat Reference

->   E-Mail Reference -

->   Research Consultations

->   Text Messaging - 657.464.3787

Click following link for more information about research assistance .

Library Databases

The Pollak Library provides subject databases for accessing articles from academic scholarly journals, reference sources, magazines, and newspapers. Please click the following link to access our Library Database.


The Pollak Library's collection of journals may be searched and browsed online. Please click the following link to search our Library Journals.


Access e-books on a wide range of disciplines and subjects via the Pollak Library catalog. Visit the following link for the Pollak Library's FAQ page about e-books.

Other Resources

Accessing books in the public domain as well as books with some available free content.

Click the following link to view Google Books content.
Click the following link to view Project Gutenberg content.  

EndNote Basic

EndNote Web is an online citation management application that can help you to organize your research material, including journal articles into your own online database.  Below are the few features EndNote Web provides.

->   Can import references from online sources (For Web of Science and databases from major vendors, citations can be exported directly into EndNote Web.)
->   Can organize references in subject folders (Create groups to manage subsets of references)
->   Can view and edit reference details; can link to full-text articles
->   Can share reference folders for collaboration (read and write)
->   Can create formatted reference lists in a variety of publishing styles
->   Canuse Cite While You Write with MS Word
->   Can capture Web references from databases and sites such as Amazon and YouTube can & find duplicates
->   Can sort reference lists by author, year published, date item imported, etc.

To access the version the campus has purchased, be sure to click CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT.

Click following link to  for more information about EndNote Basic.

CSUF Downloadable Templates

CSUF Downloadable is a place where Faculty and Students can download University Logo, seal, Letterhead, PowerPoint Templates, Newsletter Templates and Photo/Video Release Form for official business use at California State University, Fullerton as a service to internal authorized users.

Click following link for more information about CSUF Downloadable Templates.

For information on the licensing of university marks to external organizations, contact the institutionally affiliated Auxiliary Services Corporation , which manages trademarked CSUF images on behalf of and under agreement with the university.

CSUF Commonly used Publishers: Instructor Support Websites

PEARSON Learning Solutions

Pearson is one of the highest use CSUF Publishers.  Pearson partners with faculty and institutions to create innovative solutions to improve student achievement and institutional effectiveness. Pearson provides a variety of instructor resources available at no cost to faculty who adopt their materials. By registering as an instructor you can access valuable lecture notes, activities for your courses, and additional resources that are aligned with your adopted course textbook.  

Click the following link to get more information about major focus of PEARSON learning and sign up for an instructor account.

CENGAGE Learning Solutions

Cengage learning is another great resource for affordable learning solutions. Cengage has additional materials that may help you work with your adopted textbook.  They provide "resources like deliver learning materials at a price students can afford; and CourseCare provides faculty with unparalleled service and support for your digital solutions." If you are interested in examining content that may support your use of your Cengage adopted textbook please register for access to the CENGAGE learning website.

For more information and resources, visit CENGAGE Learning official website and sign-up for access.

McGRAW-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education partners around the world with students, educators, administrators and other professionals to deliver engaging, adaptive and personalized solutions that improve performance and results. McGraw-Hill has developed material and content that supports faculty use of their adopted textbooks.  In order to access that material, you will need to apply to for access to the instructor resource website. 
For more additional information and resources, visit McGraw-Hill Education's official website and create an account.

WILEY Global Education 

Wiley's Scientific, Technical, Medical, and Scholarly (STMS) business, also known as Wiley-Blackwell,  includes  journals, books, major reference works, databases, and laboratory manuals, that Wiley-Blackwell offers through a variety of different means both in print and digital. "Through the Wiley Online Library, they provide online access to a broad range of STMS content: over 4 million articles from 1,500 journals, 9,000+ books, and many reference works and databases." Faculty can gain access by creating a user account through Wiley Global Education.
For more information and resources, visit Wiley Global Education's official website and create an account.


"Macmillan Higher Education includes Bedford/St. Martin's, W. H. Freeman, Worth Publishers, Hayden McNeil, i>clicker, and Bedford, Freeman, and Worth High School." The publisher provides additional resources to higher education faculty that corresponds to adopted course texts. In order to access this material, faculty need to create a login and account with the higher education division of MacMillan.

For more information and resources, visit Macmillan Higher Education official website to create an account.


Openly available

Research options for course materials

If you are looking for information on what books have been used for previous classes, many department coordinators keep detailed records. Staff in the Titan Shops Course Materials department can also provide a listing of material used in current/previous semesters upon request.

There are also several on-line resources you may find helpful:

CSU Affordable Learning Solutions includes several resources identified by the CSU that help reduce the cost of course materials for students. is a database of college textbooks from the 5 major publishers, including access to electronic Exam Copies.

FacultyCenter Network is a free national database of college textbooks by topic that includes information on how frequently books are used and what campuses are using them.

Online Research Option

The MERLET OER collection contains more than 42,000 online learning materials including open textbooks, courses, journal articles, and technology-based learning materials. MERLOT II introduces new social networking tools for its international community of more than 116,000 faculty, staff, students, administrators, and librarian members, enabling them to share their teaching and learning expertise across more than 25 academic disciplines.

Find out more and become a member at MERLOT online.