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 California State University, Fullerton




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Inspiring Engaged Scholars

The President’s Scholars Program sets high standards for students who expect to be challenged.

More importantly, the program provides a foundation to enrich the academic experience for scholars throughout their undergraduate education at Cal State Fullerton. Before their first day of class begins, incoming scholars are introduced to each other and friendships quickly develop among like-minded, highly motivated peers. Freshman scholars take Honors courses and a special freshman seminar, which focus on developing critical thinking, communication and leadership skills. These classes also develop inquiry, analysis and reflection to help scholars gain the most out of their future coursework, regardless of their chosen major.

Incoming scholars have the advantage of participating in special New Student Orientation sessions that focus on their needs and interests. This special attention continues each semester as scholars receive personalized academic advisement with a professional adviser. Because many scholars study abroad while pursuing double majors and minors, this advisement is critical. Students work to create effective study plans that help them meet their specific academic goals while ensuring timely graduation.

President’s Scholars receive automatic acceptance into the University Honors Program, which offers small classes taught in a seminar style by selected faculty members. Honors classes emphasize special projects, communication, engaging discussion, critical analysis and self-reflection rather than memorization. President’s Scholars also receive priority registration, which not only facilitates a timely graduation, but also helps make their academic experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, scholars are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research or other projects and apply their knowledge and skills outside the classroom setting. Because of their high profile on campus and reputation as outstanding students, faculty members often seek out scholars for participation in sought-after projects. As one scholar said, “When you’re a President’s Scholar, doors fly open for you.”

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