Pollak Library Exhibits Schedule

Current Exhibits and Displays 

The following exhibits and displays are currently showing in the Pollak Library.


Orange County and Me

As part of a three-part program to foster social consciousness and civic engagement, this exhibit will consist of student-made zines exploring personal connections to Orange County history, created in the Pollak Library's Innovation/Makerspace Center by CSUF and K-12 students.

Curator: Dr. Lisa McAllister

Scheduled for May 2023 - June 2023
First Floor and Second Floor North


Celebrating U.S. Latinx Science Fiction

Pollak Library's Special Collections is launching a new collection in U.S. Latinx Science Fiction.

Curator: Lisa Mix

Scheduled for April 5, 2023 - May 2023
First Floor North 


Native Motion

Showcasing several Indigenous artists, including canvas paintings and pottery, this exhibit features images of contemporary Native Americans in both traditional and contemporary attire, exploring Native American's intimate connection to their history and traditions as well as their contributions to current American society.

Curator: Eric Tippeconnic, Ph.D.

Scheduled for April 1, 2023 - June 26, 2023
Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery


VISIBLE: Seeing Beyond Bias

Using student works, maps, and lenticular portraits and scenes, this exhibit explores how social and ethnic identities impact art and psychology.  

Curator: Susan Y. Shimazu and Nicole Yang

Scheduled for April 5, 2023 - June 2023
Second Floor East and West Terraces


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Curator: Dr. Brett S. Goldberg

Since 2001, April has marked Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in the United States.  Sexual Violence Prevention & Advocacy Services (Health Services, CSUF) presents this exhibition on the social, cultural, interpersonal, and historical impact of  SAAM.  

Scheduled for April 3, 2023 - June 30, 2023
First Floor North 


Art in the Holocaust

This traveling exhibition is a joint venture of the Art Department and the Traveling Exhibitions Department, Museums Division, Yad Vashem. The exhibition provides a glimpse into Holocaust art through a selection of art works from the Yad Vashem collection.

Co-Curators: Trish Campbell and Rob Sage

Scheduled for April 2023 - June 2023
Fourth Floor North


Online exhibitions

The following exhibitions are visible online only.


Unfolding Orange County: 1882-1932

This exhibition, in its initial form online, is a photographic journey exploring the development of early Orange County.  Through the use of images selected from the Smart Studio collection, the exhibit looks at early development, agriculture and industry, community, home and family, and recreation.

The sister component of this project is located on the second floor of the June and George Pollak Library.

Curator: Trish Campbell

On display virtually from March 22, 2021


In person May 2021 - September 30, 2021 on the Second Floor North (near the elevators)


Titans Remember: A COVID-19 Community ArchiveOpens in new window

Titans Remember, organized by Pollak Library's University Archives and Special Collections, is an archive made of community  contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This exhibit, created in partnership with Archivist and Special Collections Librarian Patrisia Prestinary, represents the first year of the pandemic for the CSUF community. 

Curator: Trish Campbell

On display virtually from May 10, 2021


The Notorious RBG: Her Life, Impact, and Legacy

An online exhibit on late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Women's History Month.  Sections include her life, court cases, and impact on pop culture.

Student Curator: Andrea Jackson (Anthropology)

On display virtually beginning March 15, 2021


Amanda Gorman: Inaugural Poet

This online exhibit celebrates Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in United States history.  As part of Poetry Month, the site includes a biography, poems written and performed by Gorman, and past inaugural poems.

Student Curator: Andrea Jackson (Anthropology)

On display virtually beginning April 5, 2021


Theatre 460: Puppetry Spring 2021

Showcasing the work of CSUF students from the Spring 2021 semester, this online exhibit explores different forms of puppetry complete with examples of puppets and shows made by students.

Curators: Dr. Heather Denyer and Kathryn Wilson

On display virtually beginning May 2021


 Upcoming Exhibits and Displays

 The following exhibits and displays are scheduled to show in Pollak Library.   


We Were There: Communities of Color in the Greater Los Angeles Area

This exhibit explores the history and contributions of BIPOC communities through photographs, cultural items, and clothing.

Curator: Andrea Abang

Scheduled for July 2023 - September 2023
Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery


Ancient Guide

Community public art that heals and tells stories. This exhibition observes the lived experience of Chicana and Chicano mural and visual artists Bud Herrera and Kimberly Duran.

Curator: Kimberly Duran

Scheduled for October 2023 - December 2023

Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery


American Impressionism The Cape Cod School

Curator: Trish Campbell

Scheduled for January 2024 - March 2024
Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery


Spain Ablaze: Americans Fighting For Freedom in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39

Using the materials of the Cameron Stewart Collection at Pollak Library, HIST 435C Spring 2019 students have created 5 posters/panels about different features of the experience of Americans fighting during the Spanish Civil War.

Curator: Dr. Aitana Guia

Scheduled for February 2024 - June 2024
East and West Terraces, Second Floor


Created Equal: Sally Hemings and the DNA Debate

This mixed media historical exhibition covers the life of the Hemings family and examines the findings of Dr. Foster's DNA study to create a more complete understanding of Sally Heming's lineage and legacy.  

Curator: Natalie Vandercook

Scheduled for April 2024 - June 2024
Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery


Upcoming Exhibits and Displays

The following exhibits and displays are scheduled to show in Pollak Library.

Memories of Migration: Telling our Stories & Connecting our Journeys

Dates:  July 8 - August 31, 2017
Curators:  David Lopez, Barbara Miller, Irma Morales, Brenda Ramirez, and Saidy Valdez
Location: Second Floor East Terrace
Description:  The project chronicles the migration stories of migrants in the Orange County area. While primarily focusing on Latino history in and around Orange County, the project has collected hundreds of migration stories from individuals from all walks of life to demonstrate that migration is a universal part of the human condition. The exhibit is a collection of various media from artists throughout the country exploring the theme of migration through their own interpretation.


Imagining Our Stories, Narrating Our World

Dates:  September - December 2017
Curator:  Erin Hollis (English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics) and graduate student Frank Alanis
Location:  Second Floor Terrace
Description:  The goal for this exhibit is to highlight the power of stories and images in creating a world through the works or various graphic novelists, bridging the gap between visual and written language. In addition to using examples of written and illustrated stories, this exhibit functions as an interactive space where members of CSUF have the opportunity for creative expression.


Celebrating 60 Years of Community at CSUF (working title)

Dates:  January - March 2018
Curators:  Trish Campbell, Colleen Greene, Dr. Clem Guthro, Patricia Prestinary, and Adolfo Prieto 
Location:  Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery
Description:  Celebrating the 60th anniversary of California State University, Fullerton.


Advances in Human DNA (working title)

Dates:  April - June 2018
Curators:  Trish Campbell, Colleen Greene, and Robert Tomaszewski
Location:  Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery
Description:  Coming Soon