BoBo Park

Full-time Faculty
Location:  KHS-129
Telephone: (657)278-5374



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Dr. Bo Park received her doctorate in epidemiology and biostatistics from Drexel University, and her MPH from Dartmouth College. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Mental Health, and her research interests focus on unraveling the complex relationship between environmental exposures and health outcomes in vulnerable populations using epidemiologic methods. Over the years, Dr. Park developed three main research areas: (1) endocrine disrupting chemical exposures during pregnancy and offspring developmental outcomes using various biomarkers and –omics data; (2) air pollution exposure during pregnancy on maternal immune activation and neurodevelopmental disorders in the offspring; (3) impact of maternal obesity and metabolic syndrome on fetal/neonatal developmental outcomes. 

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